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Anya Lukka

President & Founder

Anya Lukka is an artist and has been painting since she was four. She currently holds the title of Ms. Preteen Asia Washington. Her passion is to create different forms of art and express herself through colors and designs. She is the President of the Expressions program and Expressions Youth Board organized by Sweety Saradha Arts. She is also a graphic designer and event coordinator for the Expression program. She loves participating in a lot of art contests and has won many in many competitions like the National PTA Reflections and many more. Her goal is to donate her artwork to local charities and people in need around her. She sells things like personalized mugs, stuffed animals, paintings, graphic designs, and takes custom orders for other items. She is also passionate about teaching kids painting and help them express their emotions. She supports various nonprofit organizations and her goal is to make a difference in the community.

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