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Gaurangi Gupta

Fundraising Student Coordinator

Gaurangi is an extraordinary academic achiever. Her meticulous and independent nature ensures the successful execution of her plans. Beyond her academic prowess, Gaurangi is a multi-talented individual, excelling as an artist, dancer, author, rider, and musician, expressing her creativity across diverse mediums since the age of 6.
In both academic and extracurricular pursuits, Gaurangi has achieved noteworthy awards, notably from the LWSD National Reflections Program and the Washington Duck Stamp Competition.

Gaurangi's multifaceted talents extend to the role of emcee, where she has skillfully hosted the Ignite Art Expo for Expressions-Art & Women Ikon event. Through her engaging and articulate presentation, Gaurangi brings a vibrant energy to the event, ensuring a dynamic and captivating experience for attendees. Her ability to connect with the audience and guide them through the artistic showcase reflects not only her confidence as a speaker but also her passion for the arts.

Remarkably socially adept, Gaurangi combines her love for reading and art to address community needs. During the pandemic, recognizing the challenge of idle time for kids, she initiated community book drives, collecting and distributing boxes of books to children in the area.

At age 11, Gaurangi founded the "Youth4Us" program, emphasizing empathy and community giving. With a motto of "Together we care, Together we grow," the program, starting with a book drive, has evolved into a platform creating opportunities for kids to give back to the community.
Gaurangi's commitment has been recognized through grants from organizations such as Expressions Arts, the Hershey Heartwarming Grant and the City of Redmond, supporting her impactful projects under the Youth4Us umbrella.

Her dedication to empowering young minds and fostering a sense of community exemplifies her passion for making a positive impact.
Gaurangi, a teen leader, seeks to instill a lanterns of hope in the world through empathy, literacy and community giving nurtured by the future generation.

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