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Neha Muppa

Taal Performing Arts Collaborator

Neha, based in Issaquah, Washington, embarked on her expressive journey at the age of 8, drawing inspiration from the vibrant wildlife that surrounds her. Immersed in the world of art, she masterfully wields various mediums, from colored pencils all the way to coffee.

Aside from her individual artistic pursuits, Neha generously shares her passion with the younger generation as a dance teacher at Sammamish Montessori school utilizing her 10 years of experience in classical Indian dance. Additionally, she actively contributes to fostering community unity through art initiatives at Expressions Academy. An advocate for diversity at her school, Neha encourages inclusivity and understanding among her peers, while also dedicating her time to tutoring others, nurturing a love for learning.

Neha's journey extends beyond her achievements in international art contests and donations to the elderly; she actively participates in school art exhibitions and has numerous projects in the works. These endeavors further fuel her passion for dance, visual arts, and helping others, reflecting her unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world through her talents and dedication.

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