Riddhi Joshi

Prep Academy Student Coordinator

Riddhi Joshi began her artistic adventure at the early age of 3 and is currently based in Sammamish, Washington. Over her years of practicing and learning art, she has participated in numerous contests, and fundraisers, and teaches free art classes to share the joy of creativity with others. This flourishing artist specialized in acrylic painting in her early childhood, later focusing on color pencil and charcoal, and has recently added both oil and acrylic painting. As she continues to grow her artistic platform, Riddhi has achieved a level of mastery that matches, and even surpasses many adult artists.

Riddhi finds great joy in creating expressive artworks and she believes that there is always a message embedded in every painting which she holds close to her heart.

In the future, Riddhi would like to help others through art by donating her proceeds to charity, teaching art classes, and hosting art contests to give students the opportunity to express themselves on a bigger platform. She also encourages the rising artists around her to continually challenge themselves as they grow their artistic talent. Her favorite quote from a popular childhood movie is, “Earth without art is just ‘eh’”.