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Sakina Rizvi

Prep Academy Student Coordinator

My name is Sakina Rizvi. I have been passionate about art since I was 3yrs old. From a very young age I have been expressing myself through art by doodling and drawing happy pictures. I love making creative things in arts and crafts. Often I used to find myself making creative things out of recycle bin items, which were a treasure for me.

As a Girl Scout I got a chance to explore different activities like weaving baskets, necklace, and bracelet making with a variety of materials. With my mom’s help I learnt embroidery, crochet and the art of zentangle. I have never had any professional art classes before I met Sweety Auntie! I have been inspired by seeing her dedication to art and towards the community. She has given my art a sense of direction. I hope to explore and experiment with many different mediums in the future, and bring a little sunshine into this world!

My recent obsession is making eco-friendly artistic soaps. Check out my creations at or @moonlight.summit on Instagram!

Instagram: heyitssakina

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