Sanjay Ram

Website Design Lead

Sanjay Ram is an engineer at heart with an equal passion for biology. He is fascinated by all things science and aspires to one day contribute to solutions that can help the humankind. He expresses his creative side through 3D modeling and printing, website designing, and creating digital posters and flyers.
Enabling and empowering gives him the utmost satisfaction and Sanjay gravitates toward opportunities that allow him to teach, guide and mentor others. He Co-Founded Scorpion Robotics with his middle school robotics teammate, where they train, guide and mentor elementary and middle school students who are new to VEX IQ. He played crucial leadership roles in his championship winning VEX IQ team.
Sanjay turned to gardening as an outlet during the pandemic and believes he has stumbled upon the magic of gardening, specifically growing your own food. He is all set to launch a community for beginner and aspiring gardeners this year. As part of this community, he aims to share seeds, seedlings, guides to start a vegetable garden, and more.
Sanjay strives to support organizations like the Expressions platform by volunteering. He is the Website Design Lead at Expressions and hopes to expand the organization’s reach to more people in the community.
In his free time, you can catch Sanjay flying his drone, playing his violin, and helping his dad tinker with and build things around the house. He has been the helping hand with carpentry, plumbing, car repair, and electrical work since the time he could hold a hammer. Thanks to Meta's Oculus, walking around in an empty room while staring at the walls has become his recent obsession!