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Tushar Gupta

Adult Mentor (Fundraising)

Tushar Gupta, a Program Manager at Microsoft and mother of two, shares her journey of personal growth and transformation. Originally from Delhi, India, she settled in Seattle, Washington. Despite lacking cooking skills, she was motivated to learn when she moved to the US. The challenges she faced inspired her to immerse herself in cooking and she later initiated meal donations to women's shelters, sparking her passion for community giving. She also engaged in various programs to uplift women and explored new avenues like running, yoga, baking, and art. Tushar's commitment to positivity extended to her children, whom she inspired to participate in community giving. While she experienced success, she also faced mental health struggles and addressed them by actively participating in Expressions Arts, organizing fundraisers, and volunteering as an adult mentor. Tushar's journey is marked by adaptability, growth, and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

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