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Arrow of Art

Arrow of Art is a group of 11 students who work together to organize community outreach activities for the purpose of bringing enjoyment to senior living homes, and they learn how to create their own businesses to establish entrepreneurship skills.

National Art Contest - Arrow of Art

The team members at Arrow of Art organized a National Art Contest for high school students in the USA. All the participants did an amazing job at this contest! Big thanks to all the Judges and volunteers for making this event possible!


Arrow of Art Prep Academy Students hosted a team gathering event at the Sammamish Commons in preparation for a community outreach event in which they painted tiles and set up gift bags (paint set, wooden tiles painted and blanks, palette & brushes) for the seniors at Red Heights.


Redmond Heights (Assisted living for seniors)

Arrow of Art Prep Academy Batch held a community outreach event at Redmond Heights to provide seniors with the joy of painting wooden tiles and bringing the joy of creativity and listening to their rich and amazing experiences from life!

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