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The Expressions Artists Membership Gallery is organized by the Sweety Saradha Arts that aims to provide access and opportunity to the youth to grow and develop their artistic talents. We are working to support the efforts to enhance accessibility to art and mentors who can guide to build a successful, sustainable and inclusive next generation of artists.

We at The Expressions Artists Gallery are passionate about providing a virtual space to link current and successful professional artists with the next generation of creators. We are a platform that provides opportunities to create and engage with a network of talented and successful professional artists. We combine fun, creativity and community into a professional career development framework that encourages young artists to create; successful artists to mentor; and communities to grow while providing the next generation of artists with opportunity, resources and support to start their journey in the arts.

To become a member please register here.

Shalini Vasagam

Elora Arts

Aanika Nakra

Aanika Art

Lalitha Chandolu

Lalitha Arts

Ananya Aatreya

Rangeen Arts

Anya Lukka

Anya's Creations

Vidya Ramamurthy

Vidzzzz Art

Sakina Rizvi

Creativity for a Change

Gaurangi Gupta


Nivedha Neelakandan

Nivedha's Art

Zoya Eshwar

Zoya's Rainbow Touch

Riddhi Joshi

Riddhi’s Rainbow Creation

Mahika Bansal


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