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EXPRESSIONS is an art program where dedicated students prepare for lifelong involvement in artistic pursuits.


As artists, we serve our vision and creativity to produce work that inspires emotion, reflection, and action. we serve our community to build paths to positive change. With our EXPRESSIONS Program we are building an intersection to combine all aspects of artistic service and community to continue to do what we do best: to teach, be taught, create and grow.


In order to reach our high goals, we integrate the arts and academics to provide an education that stimulates our students. We offer all students opportunities to experience a rich arts environment with different art techniques. Numerous career building opportunities are available for students to get involved. our students learn how to be disciplined, work cooperatively, stay focused and believe in their talents.


In Expressions Prep Academy program we teach students to teach classes, get involved in community outreach programs and online events, create a bio, website, make instruction videos, how to be a leader, participate in group projects and how to give back to the society. EXPRESSIONS program helps us re-imagine the community we want and build the strength to achieve it.

The Expressions Art Prep Academy Programme explores teaching skills for the complex and dynamic modern Art schools. In today’s evolving business landscape, there’s a growing need for highly skilled Instructors who can navigate through complex challenges and empower their students to succeed. Over twelve months you’ll learn techniques to teach and you’ll see high-performance in students to add value and purpose to your goal through effective teaching strategies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from Expressions Programme as powerful proof of the enhanced leadership skills and teaching abilities you’ve developed.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completion. In order to be issued with a certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the programme handbook. The handbook will be made available to you as soon as you begin the programme. Your certificate will be issued to you upon successful completion of the programme, as per the stipulated requirements.

Every programme is broken down into manageable, monthly modules, designed to accelerate your learning process through diverse learning activities:

• Work through your downloadable and online instructional material

• Interact with your peers and learning facilitators through bi weekly class-wide forums and reviewed small group discussions

• Enjoy a wide range of interactive content.

• Get involved in teaching in community outreach events and students in regular classes of Sweety Saradha Arts.

• Investigate rich, real-world case studies

• Apply what you learn each month to ongoing project submissions, culminating in a new understanding of your leadership purpose.

•Your must be at least 13 years old 

•You can participate in Art contests conducted by Expressions program 

•You can run your own non profit or charity events

•Have to participate in Community outreach program 

•You can participate in the Art shows conducted by Expressions program 

•You will have to complete minimum 20 hours of training as an assistant art instructor in Sweety Saradha Arts to complete the certification course within the 12 months certification program.

•You should be currently enrolled students of Sweety Saradha Arts

•You cannot be part of the youth board

•You cannot run your own art school business as long as the are enrolled in the EXPRESSIONS Art Prep Academy Certification Program

•Failing to join the monthly classes/meetings will not be acceptable

•Biweekly assignments are expected to be completed on time and should be ready for review/presentation on the assigned dates

Interested in starting your own art school?

Take your art to the next level!!

You should think about joining the Expressions Prep Academy.

Eligible age: 12-14 years old's take their art to the next level while also giving back to society.

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EXPRESSIONS ARTS "Bringing the Joy of Creativity"

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Creativity for Change

Creative for Change is a group of 11 students who work together to organize community outreach activities for the purpose of bringing enjoyment to senior living homes, and they learn how to create their own businesses to establish entrepreneurship skills.

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Arrow of Art is a group of 11 students who work together to organize community outreach activities for the purpose of bringing enjoyment to senior living homes, and they learn how to create their own businesses to establish entrepreneurship skills.

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