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"Art is a powerful way to respond to so many well-intended concerns. Artists have the power to influence, move and change society. We all must strive to be a force for good in this world."

Expressions Arts is a non-profit organization (EIN: 88-0849476) and we are seeking donations for a number of charitable programmes we are organizing,

Expressions Arts

General donation for community outreach activities

Colors of Cause Project

Expressions Arts Fest $10,000

Creativity of Change Project

One year ongoing community outreach events $6,000

Arrow of Art Project

Annual Art Gala $4,000

The Art Connection Project

Expressions Art Magazine $3,000

Building of Beauty Project

Prep-Academy program $2,500

Art From Heart Project

Free painting workshops for seniors, veterans, kids with special needs $300

Rainbow Redesigned Project

Art kits for 10 kids in shelter $100

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