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Goldy Bansal

Adult Mentor (Community Outreach)

Goldy is a compassionate physician raised in small town in India. She was inspired to pursue a medical career by observing her uncle's impactful medical practice and the positive impact he had on people. Currently, Goldy serves as a medical oncologist and hematologist at the renowned Fred Hutch Cancer Center. There are moments when the emotional challenges of caring for cancer patients can be profound. In times of seeking solace and relief from stress, Goldy, a self-taught artist, finds relaxation in painting whenever her demanding schedule permits. The COVID period provided a special opportunity for her to channel her creative energy into creating beautiful art pieces.

Goldy resides in Redmond along with her supportive husband and two beautiful daughters. Goldy's artistic influence is evident as her girls have inherited her creative genes. Mahika, her elder daughter, is a passionate artist fortunate to have Sweety Sharadha as her mentor. Actively involved in multiple Expression-arts projects, Mahika channels her artistic talents to give back to the community. Aligning with Mahika's commitment, Goldy also enjoys contributing to community initiatives and being a part of Expressions Arts.

In addition to her endeavors in medicine and art, Goldy takes delight in cooking—a skill cultivated since a young age by observing her mother's exceptional culinary talents. Recently, she has ventured into the world of baking, swiftly making it her favorite pastime. Maintaining an active lifestyle, Goldy incorporates yoga, hiking, dancing, and walking into her routine, especially cherishing these activities when accompanied by good company. This multifaceted and dynamic approach to life showcases Goldy's dedication to her medical profession, artistic endeavors, and personal passions.

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