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Ishwarya Rajkumar

Adult Mentor (Graphic Design)

Ishwarya Rajkumar is a busy, full-time mom with a love for photography and creativity. Her passions for photography and creativity inspire her to explore and experiment with different forms of expression in her work. After starting her career in Human Resources, she decided to take a break to raise her children. During this time, she honed her teaching skills by working as an Assistant Teacher at a local school. Now that her children are older, Ishwarya has begun to pursue her passions for photography and creativity once more. Ishwarya is also passionate about giving back to her community and has been volunteering with Expressions Arts for a very long time. Volunteering beside them and seeing their dedication to bringing joy in others' lives made her realize that it's time for her to get involved in community initiatives and make a positive impact herself.

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