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Lyn Rigert

Community Outreach Coordinator

Lyn Rigert is a hard-working student in the Lake Washington School District Cambridge Program and strives to make her school and community a better place. She is currently working towards being a member of National Honor Society through volunteering opportunities hosted by Expressions, as well as volunteering events hosted by her school such as the Feeding America food drive and UNICEF Trick or Treating. By volunteering, she hopes to improve her community and help others. Additionally, Lyn is eligible for the Seal of Biliteracy for being fluent in Japanese, having lived there for six years. She can use her bilingual ability to help a wider range of students and spread art from various cultures.
Lyn enjoys traveling, learning new things, and art. Over quarantine, she was able to get back in touch with her creative side by diligently studying proportions and practicing both digital and traditional drawing for three years. She hopes to continue to improve her art skills and teach others what she has learned so far.

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