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Rehet Kapoor

Executive Committee President

Rehet Kapoor is an avid teen entrepreneur who began her artistic journey at the age of 10 years old. Utilizing colored pencils and watercolors, she successfully attained in-depth knowledge and understanding of hyper-realistic drawings. Rehet continues to become proficient in the subjects of painting and acrylics. She demonstrates a passion for many variations of art represented by a 3rd place award in the National Junior Duck Stamp Contest as well as numerous honorable mentions and special recognitions in International Art Competitions.

Furthermore, she is involved in numerous community outreach events and contributes to multiple benevolent causes like Expressions Arts, The Sofia Way, Asha for Education, AmPowering, and much more. Influenced by her interest in helping the society, Rehet became the secretary of her school's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society in 8th grade and planned multiple fundraising events.

She hopes to expand her social network through art shows and fairs where she can display her art and spread the word about her customization business, ReKap Creations. She truly enjoys the experience of customizing and creating unique products, and donating 25% of her profits to an orphanage in India.

Recently, in 2022, she was given the opportunity to take the position of the Administrative Assistant of Sweety Saradha Arts. And in 2023, joined the Executive Council of Expressions Arts (non-profit). After five years, Rehet is still growing in her creative path and hopes to inspire everyone to follow their passions.

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