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Riha Dhawan

Adult Mentor (Events Coordinator)

Riha Dhawan, an event planner and dedicated enthusiast of performing arts, particularly Indian dances, has a rich background rooted in the cultural heritage of Delhi, India. Raised in an environment steeped in dance through her parents' organization, Natya Ballet Center, she received comprehensive training in various Indian dance forms.

Riha's journey in dance continued when she relocated to Hyderabad in 2010. There, she co-founded Taal, a group dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the diverse tapestry of Indian culture through dance. In addition to her performances, Riha took on roles such as training, choreographing, and leading dance performances for individuals of all age groups within her community.

In 2019, Riha moved to the United States and became a member of Expressions Arts, a visual arts group that has provided her with a platform to explore her passion for arts and event planning. Actively engaged for the past year, Riha also extends her involvement as a volunteer for the PTSA of the Lake Washington school district. Her affinity for visual arts was sparked by the artistic talents of her daughter, Tanisha, who excels as a painter.

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