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Riya Rajkumar

Graphic Designer

Riya can’t even remember when she started to paint. By the time she was four, she was already enrolled in art classes and had filled up more canvases than her parents could count. Art is something that has always just been a part of her life. As she has matured and moved on from crayons and smelly markers, Riya uses more varied media. These days, she's been creating still life works with colored pencils and acrylics. Her subject matters include wildlife, landscapes, and colorful everyday objects. Riya’s art has won awards and been featured in promotional materials. Her wildlife paintings have received first place honors for two consecutive years in the National Duck Stamp Competition and two of her still life paintings have been used to promote the International Art Contest. She's won a gold presidential service award for completing 100+ hours as well. Also, she hosts monthly craft workshops at the Redmond King County Library on behalf of Little Pixels. Art gives Riya her sense of who she is and her capabilities. It boosts her confidence, helps her manage everything that life throws her way, and gives her the opportunity to give to those who care about her.

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