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Sweety Saradha

Founder & Board Chair

Sweety Saradha is an avid member of Greater Seattle area community and an inspiration for many. She is a business owner, an artist, an educator and an agent for public service. She is a certified Bob Rosses instructor and the founder of Sweety Saradha Arts. She specializes in portraits, landscapes, still-life, photorealistic, wildlife, floral, and abstract art forms. She loves colors and the happiness it brings to everyone’s life. She also loves working in the Indian art forms like Rajasthani and Tanjore Paintings. She teaches watercolor, acrylic, oils, brush pens, alcohol ink marker, color pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, resin, chalk pastels, etc.

She is a well-known art educator in the Greater Seattle Area and has taught over 20,000 students. She pushes each student’s creativity and encourages exploration within themselves and their art. She constantly reminds her students that “nothing is impossible.” Not only has she won several National and International Art contest such as Contemporary Art Gallery, Light Space & Time, Whitney Art LLC Art Contest, Singular Creations, etc. but her students have also become exceptional and have won several National and International awards themselves and their artwork have been exhibited in art galleries.
In addition to being an educator Sweety Saradha aims to provide every child an outlet for expression through art. She seeks to create a global platform that is easily accessible and encourages creativity. To pursue this, she started the Expressions Art program.

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